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Friday, February 13, 2009

FRIM macro

Since the recent FRIM contest was published, me and a few friends rushed to FRIM to play around with our macro gears. It's been a while since all of us went shooting together so it's time to make full use of the MPE. Kurt was there as well as Adrian. A few shots I managed to shoot.

FRIM macro

FRIM macro

FRIM macro

FRIM macro

Nothing competition worthy, so it's back to the drawing board :D


Anonymous said...

Love the Macro ring light reflections in 3rd and 4th image. Thanks for sharing! :)

Enche' Adykasyah said...

Hye Min, nice shots.. I wish I can have that MPE65 too la..

Mind sharing your technique for Macro?

Dodon said...

lawa bro..

Nicholas Leong said...

Ooo ring light :D well semi-circles :P

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Thanks Shim. Love your nature collection too!

Thanks Dodon, Nick.

Ady, MPE65 is a legendary lens, but it's only for small small things. Not easy to use too. It's advisable to use the other 1:1 true macro lens first before upgrading to the MPE.

Will be sharing my macro techniques in another entry :D