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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Evon T - Pretty in White

Was invited by Steph to a fashion shoot at the luxurious Dua Residency penthouse. Had a great time. Gowns were provided by PrettyInWhite and art direction by Steph. Evon T was the model of the day. She's very cooperative and experienced. It was a pleasure to work with the bunch :D

I've processed a shot, will be adding more later :D

Evon T - Pretty in White

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Introducing Yoshida

Yoshida Shigeyuki - A 29 year old Japanese, is in Malaysia on a business (+ leisure) trip. He loves to pose in front of the cameras, and from his poses, he seems like he has potential. This shot was taken on a morning session of the day that he's supposed to depart Malaysia back to Japan. A mix emotion from him suggests that he has fallen in love with Malaysia (or a Malaysian) and is having a hard time to go back to Japan..

Yoshida - Leaving on a Jet Plane


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to the Nature

I haven't shot nature macro for quite sometime. After a drive from somewhere, reached home and noticed that there's a jumping spider on top of my car. So I decided to shoot the spider with my macro gear. I've always wanted to shoot 5x on my MPE65, so this time, I had the chance to do it..

#1 - This was shot at 4:1 using the MPE65. I just love that water droplet on his head.
Jumping Spider ~4:1

#2 - This was shot at 5:1.
Jumping Spider 5:1

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 different versions of 'The Lone Tree'

I don't know why, but I've been getting this urge of shooting something that has element of emptiness, darkness, eeriness, gothic, scary or horror. Maybe it's because my mind has been clogged with ideas on a gothic shooting theme that I was supposed to do with Steph. The session got canceled because Steph had an accident. Steph, hope you recover from your injuries soon. Take good care of yourself. Once you're back in your hyperactive mode, lets get some unfinished business done. :D I need to get this gothic theme out of my head :P

Anyway, there I was at UPM's Farm, with a friend whom just started his photography hobby, another friend and my wife. We went inside, shot a silhouette of the tree on top of the hill.. for the post processing of this shot, I decided to give several different treatments to it.

Here's one with the sunset (that I normally do) look,

Another version of the lone tree

Here's on with a twilight or midnight with moonlit (this is experimental) look,

Lone Tree

Here's another one in B&W, but to get this, I had to combine 7-exposures of the same shot, injected with HDR treatment to get the tones, and converted to B&W plus some dodge and burns.

Untitled for now

I love all three versions of this. Don't know what to do with the threesome. Maybe I should do a triptych, print it large and hang it on my wall.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Urban Sunset with EF100-400L

Went to the Ampang Lookout Point with Zamrud recently. Had a blast waiting for the sunset to come. Since the subject in mind is a few kilometers away, I decided to mount my EF100-400L on the 5D. For those who have never or rarely shoot sunsets, make sure you reach there early, set up your tripod, etc.. and wait for the moment. The 'sun setting' timeframe is very short! So, once you can see that round ball of light starts coming down, its time to shoot, shoot and shoot! Remember to vary the shutter speed to get different effects.

Here's my take.. I like it so much! This shot definitely ranks up there among my top 10 shots of 2009.

'An Urban Sunset'

An Urban Sunset..

View it large here.

Thanks Zamrud for the guidance :)