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Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Kebaya - I die the day you went away...

A new theme planned a couple weeks back.. The Red Kebaya. After a location scout on Saturday, the shoot follows the day after.

Team members involved - myself, Raz@Jeepang, Maestro, Sarip@GMan and Cis@BeruangPutih. Props were prepared by Mr. Raz@Jeepang. Thanks for providing us the the antique radio, the umbrellas, the violin. The red kebaya was provided by Alin Azmi, worn by the beautiful and talented Nurul.

Hope you enjoy the series!

Visitors not welcomed!
"I die the day you went away"

You left me alone.. aimless.. what's left are memories... and the very last roses from you...
"I die the day you went away"

I miss those beautiful music you used to play for me..
"I die the day you went away"

The radio.. used to play your music all the time.. keeps me close to you.... where ever you are..
"I die the day you went away"

Why? Why do YOU have to take him away from me?!?!?
"I die the day you went away"

I have no more reason to live in this world.. bye bye world...i shall be with my loved one...
"I die the day you went away"

We had a blast with this theme. There are more themes coming up, some very very interesting and challenging! All in the execution queue. Stay tuned!


jeepang said...

nice one bro.. I like your work...

Dr.Dodon said...

owh..nice photoshot.. i like the last pic the most..amazing..

libpuritan said...

solid set. =)

were those real cracks on the wall on the first photo? or texture?

Enche' Adykasyah said...

Cayalah Min... Superb.. Mabeles.. ding dong ding dong mata aku layan series ni...

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Jeepang - Thanks mate. Hope to shoot more themes with ya.

Dr.Dodon - Thanks doc.

Steph - Thanks steph. The cracks are texture added in photoshop.

Ady - Thanks bro.