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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bib the Graffiti Girl..

Went shooting with the usual suspects.. The Bears Photoworks. This time, the theme is Graffiti Gal. The talent is Bib, my colleague, and this is her first time modeling for a shoot.

Bib - The Graffiti Gal!

Strobist info
1 430ex bare 1/4 power 45 degrees behind model left
1 SB600ex bare 1/4 power degrees behind model right
1 SB900 honeycomb 1/2 power on top of model
1 580exII softbox 1/1 power camera left.

Here are some other shots of the photographers.. hehehe.. we want to be models too! :P

Self portrait



libpuritan said...

love the lighting. rock on! =)

Nicholas Leong said...

Very very nice, you are now the strobist expert eh..

Ejam said...

i wish to learn it from u.

btw, nice picture.

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Thanks y'all.
Nick - :P
Ejam - Biasa2 jer. I'm a newbie.