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Thursday, September 11, 2008


We had tons of fun shooting those silky water effect at Sungai Congkak. Here are the three photographers who went in and out of the water soaking themselves and their gears wet just to get the shots as they imagined it would be.

Master Zamrud looking for the sweetest spot

Master Fariz in and out of the water

and.. ME! Manfrotto ad wannabe :PSungai Congkak.. we'll be back with more photographers!


Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

heloo Manfrotto model. Good posse u have

Nicholas Leong said...

hehe pose baik but then brand tak show pulak :P

Amino said...

Thanks cik moi.

Nick, the Manfrotto logo was there on the tripod before I post process, but after HDR and Ortonizing the photo, logo gone already :P

libpuritan said...

wow. this looks like fun. zam and his signature hat. =) gotta try silky water some time.

zamrud photography said...

Amboiiii...gambaq aku pun hang taruk kat sini.....apa la. Gmbr aku mana ada komersial value woii...

But nice blog.