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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

[NATURE] Sungai Congkak, Hulu Selangor

I've always wanted to shoot those silky water shots. Recently had the chance to shoot it when I visited Sungai Congkak, Hulu Selangor. Equipped with Cokin GND2,4,8 and a tripod, there I was with a few friends soaking ourselves in the chilling water trying to get the best angle.

This won't be the last time me visiting Sungai Congkak. I was mesmerized with the calmness and cooling atmosphere. I will be back for more shots and leisure, with family and friends.

The shots were post processed with Orton effect (you can download the photoshop action on the net). However, I didn't use 100% of the Ortonized output. I blended the Ortonized layer with the original layer with a 30-45% opacity.


Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

@->---- Good Effort!!

Nicholas Leong said...

So this is the famed Master LM's blog :)

Sigh, too bad I didn't go on the Sg congkak trip. I also want to shoot misty water :)

Amino said...

moi suwit - thanks :D

zio - hahahaha.. where got famed. yea, u should've joined us!

-kar- said...
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-kar- said...

Love #3 with moss as foreground. Can feel the coolness of the place

p/s : Sorry abt earlier post that accidently deleted due to itchy finger.

Amino said...

Thanks stockie :)
I do admire you nature shots. Wonderful wonderful shots.