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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My dad used to live here..

My father grew up in this house in Perlis. I believe that this house was built since the 1930s, if not earlier. Now, there's only the kitchen portion that remains. It'll be there for the next couple years before it bows down to earth..

I'm very sure my father has a lot of fond memories of this house.

PP-info - Multiple exposure shot (-2,0,2) HDR, converted into BW, then tons of selective curve adjustment plus selective sharpening on house details (thanks to Zamrudku for sharing his knowledge).

Shot with a 17-40 f4L on 40D.


Nicholas Leong said...

I was wondering where the rest of the house is. Olden houses used to be big! Huge! with lots of space to run around. Now all confined within walls and fences.

Amino said...

The rest of the house has already collapsed. What remains is just the kitchen part. It's a kampung house, so the playing area is vast. In fact, I forgot to mention that there's a creek at the back of the house. I bet my father had his fair share of time spent there fishing, mandi, etc.

Yes, houses nowadays are confined due to security reasons and probably 'border definition'. :(