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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zoo Negara with EF100-400L

I just got a new toy. It's the EF100-400 f4.5-5.6 L. This lens has "FUN" tagged to it. So, I went to Zoo Negara and did some shooting with the new toy. Here's my best shot of the day..

"Mad Scientist"

EMU portrait


Nicholas Leong said...

Gak!! Poison! Poison! Racun! :P

But luckily cannot mount on my body :) Nice shot. I want to go zoo also la but I don't have 100-400 :P

Amino said...

Hahahaha.. buy buy.. I'm sure Nikon also have the lens at that range :P

Buy buy buy!

I've never used a lens in that range to the zoo before. With that range, it gives a whole new view of the Zoo.

Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

nice peekture.. must b from one expensive lens :-p hihi..

or u can also replace the mad scientist with "Yun Nam potential client"

Amino said...

Hehehe.. thank you cik!
Not so expensive lens :)
Nice title suggestion too! :P

libpuritan said...

wow. what a shot! yummy bokeh. lovely details. great toy too! =)

capix said...

hurmm... first time cube, mlm dah termimpi2...kalau one week pegang, bole demam senggugut...:P

ps: nice lens and nice photo... garang betul burung itu...

Jo said...

wow..very sharp..
hehehe..this bird needs Yun Nam badly laa..