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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Malacca Zoo = SUPERB!

Last time I mentioned that we're going to raid the Malacca Zoo. We as in, myself, zio, macropixman and liewwk. Armed with our tele lenses, we left KL around 7.30am. After a decent sized breakfast, we found ourselves at the entrance of the zoo. Entrance fee is RM7, not bad. Stepped in, and we saw the parrots (macaw). We put on our gears, and the rest was history..

'Blue and Yellow Macaw'
Blue and Yellow

'Black on White'
Black on White

'Movie star'
Movie star

'The Stare'
Owl Stare

'The Chosen One'
Malacca Zoo

'Baby G'
Malacca Zoo

'Spikes of Trouble'
Malacca Zoo

I loved all the shots I managed to take in this session, but the best shot (in my view) for me was this shot.

'Unconditional Love'

Malacca Zoo

The shot depicts an unconditional love of a mother. The emotion portrayed by the mother, with her eyes closed, shows that sense of calmness in providing her child with the basic necessity, security and food. The child, on the other hand, with eyes wide open while breastfeeding, shows its curiosity, daringness to try and naughtiness of a young child, totally opposite of what is being portrayed by the mother.

In summary, Zoo Melaka was awesome! All animals seemed healthier and well fed, in comparison the the ones kept in Zoo Negara. We spent the whole day there (10am-6pm), and still missed on a few notable animals, ie. elephants. :P We will be back, for sure..


Nicholas Leong said...

Lol the mother was blinded in one eye I believe, not like she wanted to close it.

Unless she opened the same eye later, but I pretty much saw it close all the time.

Excellent shots anyway :) How to beat you la in the competition :(

libpuritan said...

super set! =) the baby monkey really looked all vulnerable and trusting in her mommy's arms. sigh, estrogen gets me sentimental. grin

The Journey.. said...

i soo love "THe Stare". scary but awesome!!


Amino @ Lordmint said...

Nick : You got good shots as well lah.. why set me as a standard :P

Steph : Thanks :D

Qmie : Glad you liked that shot. :)

Kurt said...

Lovely shots...nice composition LM.

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Thanks Kurt!
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :P

cy.leow said...

Some of the BEST zoo shots I ever seen! Well done young man!