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Friday, December 26, 2008

Fun @ Putrajaya

It was Xmas day, and I wanted to plan for the upcoming outdoor wedding location at Putrajaya. What was supposed to be a survey trip, ended up becoming a fun trip. Made a few calls, and a couple friends were up for 'free-run' shoot at Putrajaya. Me+wife, my sister-in-law, Nfariz+wife and Capix decided to have some fun there since I brought my strobist kit along.

Haven't shot my wife's portrait for a while, so here's some portraiture of her @ Putrajaya.

Putrajaya Outing

Putrajaya Outing

Then, the sun sets and we started to set up the lighting. We've hardly do all these strobist thingy, so, we're pretty much 'infants' in this area =)

Putrajaya Outing

Putrajaya Outing

Putrajaya Outing

Putrajaya Outing

Me&Wife @ Putrajaya

I just realized how much fun it was doing these kind of outing. Will be planning for more!


Enche' Adykasyah said...

Wah min.. Nice outing ya..? I'll PM u my HP number, maybe I can join you in your next session. Check you PM mail.

P/S: U don't look that chubby on our first meeting at Zoo Negara last two month..?

Nicholas Leong said...

Nice outing :D The backdrop is very nice. :D

libpuritan said...

photography with family. always fun. =)

Nisa said...

hehehe....capix looked really funny in was fun!