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Monday, April 6, 2009

Putrajaya Mosque in Silhouette

Went to take fellow Shutterstock friends from Surabaya (Eman and fiancee) around KL and Putrajaya recently. Didn't shoot much, but wanted to see if there's any shot a little bit different that the common ones.

Guess it's too early to design a Hari Raya card, but seems like I have a candidate shot for a Hari Raya card design. Putrajaya Mosque, with the sun behind it, creates a nice silhouette. This was shot at around 4pm. The skies were dull, but enhanced in CS2 to create the sunset feel to it. I like the shots as it creates a sense calmness and peacefulness to my eyes when looking at the final product.




Nikon Creative Eyes said...

nice shot bro.feel free to visit my site

firdaus said...

rarely seen Raya Card with this kinda of superb foto..if got one may be sold for hundreds ringgit...