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Monday, April 6, 2009

Zoo Melaka revisited

Zoo Melaka.. such an amazing zoo, in comparison to others around Malaysia. I went there last time with the Zoo Raiders (Nicholas, Joseph, Liew) and said that I have to visit this place again..

Well, there I am, at the Zoo Melaka entrance again, this time accompanied by my wife since she never been there. She was playing around with my 350D paired with my 24-105L. I of course, had my trusted 40D with the 100-400L. Only 2 worthy shots this time from me.. pretty sure Nicholas gonna like it :D

'Wishful Thinking' - Chimpanzee

"Chimpanzees are an endangered species; their population in the wild has been reduced by hunting (primarily for meat), destruction of habitat from logging or farming, and commercial exportation for use in zoos and research laboratories. Lions and leopards also prey upon chimpanzees." - excerpt from

... of it's freedom, it's survival and it's fate in this cruel world.

Zoo Melaka series

We then moved to the tiger section :D Lady luck is on my side, a Malayan tiger is having steak for lunch!

'A Tiger's Menu' - Malayan Tiger

"In addition to its usual menu of boar and deer, the tiger has been known to feast on the occasional monkey. While it cannot climb trees with the agility of monkeys, it has been known, in Malaysia anyway, that a tiger would work its way stealthily under a tree of monkeys and roar! A roar so loud that frightened monkeys would fall off their perches down to the waiting tiger." -

Zoo Melaka Series


Nicholas Leong said...

ROFL, roar till the monkey falls. That was funny.

Kurt said...

Nick, some not only fall, they crap in their pants too! OK just kidding.

Great portrait shots, LM :)

BabyAlden&Mama said...
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