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Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 different versions of 'The Lone Tree'

I don't know why, but I've been getting this urge of shooting something that has element of emptiness, darkness, eeriness, gothic, scary or horror. Maybe it's because my mind has been clogged with ideas on a gothic shooting theme that I was supposed to do with Steph. The session got canceled because Steph had an accident. Steph, hope you recover from your injuries soon. Take good care of yourself. Once you're back in your hyperactive mode, lets get some unfinished business done. :D I need to get this gothic theme out of my head :P

Anyway, there I was at UPM's Farm, with a friend whom just started his photography hobby, another friend and my wife. We went inside, shot a silhouette of the tree on top of the hill.. for the post processing of this shot, I decided to give several different treatments to it.

Here's one with the sunset (that I normally do) look,

Another version of the lone tree

Here's on with a twilight or midnight with moonlit (this is experimental) look,

Lone Tree

Here's another one in B&W, but to get this, I had to combine 7-exposures of the same shot, injected with HDR treatment to get the tones, and converted to B&W plus some dodge and burns.

Untitled for now

I love all three versions of this. Don't know what to do with the threesome. Maybe I should do a triptych, print it large and hang it on my wall.


Enche' Adykasyah said...

Love the original shot.. The B&W looks a bit distracting whne the subject blended with your sky. Lost of details on the leaves & branches.

Amino @ Lordmint said...

There's no original shot there ady. All have been injected with different types of treatment ;)

libpuritan said...

the first one works for me. drama in red. =)

Enche' Adykasyah said...

Wah.. camana dapat masuk UPM tu? Ada any procedure?

Kurt said...

All three are nice in their own ways....different moods :). Good ones.

Amino @ Lordmint said...

thanks steph.

ady, yes. got procedure. you need to talk to their officer in the office to ask for approval. they might ask you to write to them, and will consider your application. chances of getting approved, no idea. easiest way to get in, get someone who works at UPM or ask a student to get you in there. i used my own way. ;)

thanks kurt. :D

Munira Hamzah said...

mcm mana nak edit pic jadi mcm ni??
cantik sgt =)

Amino @ Lordmint said...

thanks munira.
quite simple, add another layer with the color desired, then mask the silhouette part out. :D