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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to the Nature

I haven't shot nature macro for quite sometime. After a drive from somewhere, reached home and noticed that there's a jumping spider on top of my car. So I decided to shoot the spider with my macro gear. I've always wanted to shoot 5x on my MPE65, so this time, I had the chance to do it..

#1 - This was shot at 4:1 using the MPE65. I just love that water droplet on his head.
Jumping Spider ~4:1

#2 - This was shot at 5:1.
Jumping Spider 5:1


Syazwan Yazid said...

memang style lah...! jeles seyh...!

libpuritan said...

he looks hypnotized. =) fantastic shots!

Nicholas Leong said...

Excellent water droplet!! And cute spider too :P

Amino @ Lordmint said...

thanks syazwan.
hahaha steph. i got flashed hundreds of times.. probably got dizzy from that.
thanks nick. yea, love the stripes.

Rogyh said...

this is soooo wonderful

haleyluna said...

cute cute cute! i really do want the mp-e someday.