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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lady Golfers

I have collaborated with Malaysia Golf Portal (MGP) to do a golf portraiture for them. The MGP team provided the models, the makeup and the venue for the shoot, MST Golf sponsored the golf apparels and clubs, while I went in with my team (BeruangPutih and Raz Mohamed) on the lighting and execution of the shots. We had a fun day. Thank you Ronald and the MGP team, MST, Beruang Putih, Raz, Min, Melissa :)

Goofy Golfer - Model : Min Ismail

Golfer - Strobist

Strobist info:

580exII bare 1/2 power on talent left
430ex softbox 1/1 power angled from the top pointing down on camera left.

At the 19th hole - Models : Min Ismail (left) and Melissa Tan (right)

19th hole - Strobist

Strobist info:

580exII 1/4 power bare about 45degrees behind model left
430ex 1/4 power bare about 45 degrees behind model right
SB800 1/1 power with shoot-thru umbrella camera top right

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