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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby Portraiture - Nik Zara Ariana

I am guilty for not updating my blog for quite sometime. Please forgive me again =).
A good friend and his wife has requested me to shoot their first baby's portrait. Nik Fariz and his wife Nisa is a close friend of me and my wife. Fariz used to be my partner in wedding shoots as well as other jobs. It was a pleasure having to shoot their princess's portrait. Zara, was 4 months old during this shoot.

Baby Portrait - Nik Zara Ariana

Strobist info
580exII 1/4 power shot thru white umbrella camera top left.
430ex 1/8 power reflected with whiteboard on baby left.

Baby Portrait - Nik Zara Ariana

The shoot took several hours. We took a break between shots for the baby to rest. Zara was a doll. She is not a camera shy girl. It can be seen from the shots above. Then we put her on her baby chair for some sitting shots.

Baby Portrait - Nik Zara Ariana

The room was quite chilly, so it was very comfortable for Zara. During the sitting shoot, Zara fell asleep! I took the chance to shoot this moment and she was so adorable! Here's a triptych of her dozing off on her chair!

Baby Portrait - Nik Zara Ariana

It was a great shoot for all of us. Shared the shots with the proud parents, and they were happy =) I hope I will be given a chance to shoot her for the next 20 years! Then I will have a complete series of Zara growing up..


libpuritan said...

good to have you back, M!

lol. the sleepy triptych is so cute! =) makes you wonder if she's a real baby, as she feels so much like a doll!

Cik Yang said...

Cute Zara!! I loved her ...

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Thanks Steph!
Yea, it's good to be back :)

Mom, yep.. comel Zara ni!