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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Triptych Inspiration - Rolfe Horn (

In the B&W Magazine, issue 74 (April 2010), there was an article on an American photographer, Rolfe Horn. An avid landscape shooter, most of the time he shoots in square format. In an interview with the B&W magazine, he mentioned that during one of his trips to Japan, he realized a need for a wider vision when shooting seascapes. Since he doesn't own a panorama camera, he started making diptychs and triptychs to include more peripheral elements in his photographs.

An example of one of his Japan series triptych,

Dawn, Study 2, Izumo, Japan 2004 (Rolfe Horn)
Source : Rolfe Horn Photography (

After viewing his triptych photos, I personally find that presenting my shots in triptych is such an interesting format to explore. Many triptych combination can be planned and executed. Triptychs photos can be viewed as three separate photos that would stand on its own, but is strongest when viewed as a combination. Triptychs can also be planned in which;

1. The main subject (placed in the center) is supported by the other two shots on each sides, or;
2. The two supporting shots are placed on the left and center, leading the viewer to the main subject (placed on the right), or;
3. Replicating a scene with static subjects in all three shots, but with different dynamic/moving subjects, or
4. Any other way that you can imagine to portray your shots as 1 master shot or as a series.

The key to creating your own triptych is "CONTINUITY". Each shot must be relevant to the other shot, be it as a master shot, or as a mini-series. Plan your triptychs and execute them according to what you visualize the final outcome to be.

Explore it, you'll have FUN with it. I have done a few triptychs, will be working on more triptychs in the future and I'm loving it.

p/s : Rolfe, thank you for being an inspiration to me, and hopefully to others as well.


Ejam said...

interesting,Thanks to you bro! for share this, tak pernah beli lagi BnW magazine, slalunya baca Digital Camera magazine je.
nanti cuba cari kat kedai2...

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Thanks bro. Just sharing something that might be new to others. B&W magazine ni best, tapi dia takder tutorial ke apa.. mainly cerita pasal B&W photographers, B&W showcases, histories and interviews.

Nicholas Leong said...

tak ada kaler!? mana boleh :P ahah selamat hari raya anyway :D be-early wish haha

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Wakakakaka... :P
Thanks Nick! =)